Voodoo Child born of Big Daddy Rock n' Roll and Hot Mama Blues, Sofaï is a Post-Modern Troubador with a sultry smile and a guitar slung across her back tracing her route along Europe's Blues Rock highway, her unshakeable Spirit, supple and smooth like her perfect black leather silhouette but resilient, tough as the nickel plated steel strings on her electric Dobro…

She is also first and foremost a proven and prolific singer-songwriter and a fiery  take no prisoners performer and her voice…
What a voice!!  from tender sweet-loving warmth, waxing to husky, rough and roudy exaltation!!

Delightful Wildness is a perfect description of Sofai's  very personal musical universe.
The Lady has taste and discretion as well as a indefatigable passion for creation and performing.
Sofai has refined her art in the company of such Rock luminary's as Beverly Jo Scott, the legendary Elliott Murphy, Kal David guitarist with Etta James et John Mayall and the inimitable Sal Bernardi guitarist.singer-songwriter who has been the muse for Rickie Lee Jones and Willie De Ville, among others!

Sofai is a joyful storm of passion, force and in your face fun loving Rock and Roll…
To hear her is to be entranced, mesmerized by the magic vibrant in her soulful  voice !!
To see her to to be energized, electrified , Hoodo-ized by her wild and beautiful Voodoo Lady persona!!
She will rock you!!  She will shake you !! She will roll you!!
And you will happily cry out for more!

Featuring Elliot Murphy  for a co-writing song and a duet. She was the opener on Elliott Murphy Tour 2011.

2012/2013 : « LONG LONELY LIFE »
A Folk-Rock Album tinged with Blues and Rhythm § Blues…
Sofaï signs the all melodies and musical arrangements.
Billy C Farlow  (met during a festival in Belgium) sends her several lyrics after returning home to ALABAMA.
And also Lisa Lowell (Bruce Springsteen's team / Seeger Session Band etc…) : This beautiful friendship will make them co-sign 4 songs.
Lisa Lowell toured with Sofaï and her Team during summer Tour 2012 : Paris - Berlin…
« LONG LONELY LIFE » is mixed by Steve Prestage well-known to have worked with Calvin Russell, Gary Moore,
Peter Gabriel among so many others…

2016 : « YOU GOTTA SHOUT »
A Big "BLUES ROCK" Album... Sofaï signs the all melodies and worked with several american autors :
Kal David & Lauri Bono (John Mayall / Etta James / Bonnie Raitt) - Sal Bernardi (Rickie lee jones / Willie DeVille)-
Marten Ingle (Billy Paul & Percy Sledge) etc...

2017 :
Sofaï's working on her next album with her Team & musicians... expected to be released end of 2017 / beginning 2018

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